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    Physicians and nutritionists will be the first to tell you that there are clear correlations between diet and certain disease processers. For example, it is well documented that a diet low in fat, with a focus on fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains, can reduce the incidence of heart disease and some types of cancer. The old saying, "You are what you eat," has never been more true.

    If we truly are what we eat, does the same hold true for what we drink? To help answer this question, it is important to know some basic facts about water and its relationship to the health of the human body. Water is the most indispensible among the body's nutrients and constitutes the largest part of body weight. Water is a key component in virtually all body functions including: digestion, absorption, circulation, excretion transporting nutrients, building new tissue and maintaining body temperature. Water via the blood, carries nutritive elements to the cells and transports the waste products of cellular respiration to the lungs, kidneys, intestines and skin for excretion. The tissues of your brain consist of about 76% water. Muscle tissue is nearly 75% water. Your lung tissue is approximately 90% water. Bones have about 25% water, and your blood is nearly 82% water.

    If it is true that "we are what we eat," then it is crystal clear that we are what we drink. Along with diet, exercise, and rest, drinking 8-10 glasses of good quality water each day is one of the best life choices you can make.
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