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1 Lower warmer and 2 upper warmers. Brews 100-175 cups of coffee per hour. A Space-Saving 8 1/4 inches wide. Hot water faucet. Stainless steel funnel. Pourover feature. Stainless decor. Decanters not included. 120V/15 amp. Measures 18.9 inches high x 8 1/4 inches wide x 17.8 inches deep. Plumbing / water line is needed.
Adjustable legs & drip tray for cups up to 7" tall. Three large 4 pound hoppers make refilling a snap. Large capacity hot water reservoir 4.2 gallons per hour serving capacity. Designed for easy service from front and top of machine. Dispenses hot cappuccino and hot cocoa at the push of a button.

*Recommended professional commercial quality water filtration system
Bunn CWTF 15-3
Coffee Equipment, Sales & Service
Shay's Custom Coffee
Three warmer coffee brewer. Low profile design fits under most cabinets. Separate on/off switch for each warmer. Front mounted hot water faucet.
Bloomfield 8572 Automatic Coffee Brewer
Single warmer spins on/off for easing cleaning.
Stainless design fits on counter tops and under cabinets. "Ready to Brew" light for optimum water brewing temp. Patented water spreader disc produces maximum coffee flavor. Top quality components deliver years of worry-free service. Adjustable rubber feet ensure proper leveling on counter tops.
Bloomfield 8542 Pourover Coffee Brewer
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