Shay Water Company
Since 1929
Shay's Purified Water
City of Saginaw municipal drinking water system.
Originates near Tawas, MI at Whitestone Point.
Meets the guidelines set forth by the Safe Drinking Water Act.
Water Softener: Reduces hardness, minerals like calcium and magnesium.
Granulated activated carbon filtration: Reduces chlorine, inorganic molecules, taste and odor.
One Micron Filtration: Reduces particles greater than one micron in diameter.
Reverse Osmosis: Reduces total dissolved solide down to 2 - 4 parts per million.
Deionization: Further reduces total dissolved solids.
Ozonation: Oxidizes(kills) mico-organisms.
Hourly - In house TDS(total dissolved solids) testing.
Hourly - In house pH testing.
Daily - In house Coliform bacteria testing.
Weekly - Independant laboratory testing for Coliform, standard plate count, residual chlorine, nitrates, conductivity, pH, sodium and fluoride.
Annually - The Food and Drug Administration through the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture, conducts a bottling plant inspecion and does finished product testing. We meet all federally mandated standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency.
Annually - National Testing Laboratories, a third party independant lab, does extensive chemical analysis for over 150 inorganic, organic trihalomethane, volitile organic and radiologic compounds.
Daily - In house E. Coli testing.
TDS - 2 parts per million*
Sodium Free
Chlorine Free
Lead Free
Mineral Free
* The United States Pharmacopoeia defines pure water as having 10 parts or less per million TDS. Our purified water has 2 parts per million TDS. You may not find a more pure water anywhere.
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