Shay Water Company
Since 1929
Shay's Spring Water
Naturaly flowing spring in Merrill, Michigan.
Depth: 118 Feet
Flow Rate: 33 gallons per minute
Temperature: 42 degrees
Founded in 1929
We use a state licensed bulk water hauling vehicle to haul the spring water to our bottling facility.
As a state requirement, chlorine is added to the spring water during bulk transport.
Granulated activated carbon filtration is utilized to absorb the chlorine back out of the spring water.
Granular media filtration is usd to filter out any sediment.
One micron filtration is used to filter out any particles greater than on micron.
Ozonation is used to oxidize(kill) micro-organisms.
Hourly - In house TDS(total dissolved solids) testing.
Hourly - In house pH testing.
Daily - In house Coliform bacteria testing.
Weekly - Independant laboratory testing for Coliform, standard plate count, residual chlorine, nitrates, conductivity, pH, sodium and fluoride.
Annually - The Food and Drug Administration through the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture, conducts a bottling plant inspecion and does finished product testing. We meet all federally mandated standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency.
Annually - National Testing Laboratories, a third party independant lab, does extensive chemical analysis for over 150 inorganic, organic trihalomethane, volitile organic and radiologic compounds.
Daily - In house E. Coli testing.
59 mg/L
1.9 mg/L
22 mg/L
.022 mg/L
.56 mg/L
.7 mg/L
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